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Clean My Golden Heels

Lady Chanel is preparing for a high society party. She sits in front of her mirror and is just finnishing her make up. She already wears a skin tight and hot dress, breathtaking stockings and expensive golden heels.

She checks herself in the mirror, locks down at her amaing body and smiles to herself. She is ready to turn all the rich men's heads but she is still not satisfied with the shine of her stiletto heels. So she calls her slave and arrogantly orders him to polish them. Of cource with his tongue.

What does sound like a simply task, is a hard job for the slave. Why? Look at the slave and you will see that his hands are chained behind his back. And you should not even think for a second that Chanel will move her feet to make it easier for him to clean them. This young and spoiled lady doesn't care about slaves.

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