Boots & High Heels

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Leather Boots Servant

Another clip about Countess Stella and the bizarre life in her mansion. After a nice lunch, the spoiled lady wants to sleep a little bit. She enters her private room in amazing lingerie and as often she wears leather boots although she did not leave the house. Just to show her dominance.

In the corner of the room there is a slave kneeling, waiting for the Mistress. It is the private boot servant of Stella. She stops in front of him at her bed and immediately the slave starts to clean her boots with his tongue. He knows he has to be careful but on the other hand, the mean lady wants to feel his tongue through the soft leather. A difficult job and everytime the cruel dressage whip could cut his back.

Stella lays down and watches the worm who continues to lick her boots. After a while she orders him to put off the boots now what he does very carefully and then the arrogant lady lays down for a sleep. The slave will wait until she wakes up and chosses another pair of boots for the afternoon...

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