Boots & High Heels

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Mistress Nemesis

This clip introduces our new Mistress Nemesis, a young and dominant lady coming from an aristocratic family und you will see that this arrogant woman is used to be pampered and served the whole day.

Nemesis is sitting in the salon, checking emails and then she calls for her private slave. She claps her hands and says: &quit;Blithering idiot, come here!&quit; The slave immediately comes into the room but the mean lady simply rolls her eyes, sends him back and asks: &quit;How many times should I repeat that you have to crawl when I am in the room?&quit; And then she points down to her expensive boots and commands him to clean them.

The slave starts his work while Nemesis continues to check her messages. Only from time to time she points to another spot on her boots and directs his tongue there, always attented with a snotty comment. Her arrogance is unbelievable. But who would hesitate to serve this beauty?

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