Boots & High Heels

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The Defiled Boots - Part 3

Lady Mephista has returned to the cellar and she is wearing the defiled boots now. She looks at the slave who has such a big boot fetish that he licked them and finally he cum on them. There is still his cum all over the boots.

You can imagine how much he would like to kiss and lick the boots now, while Mephista is wearing them but the mean goddess knows that. That's why she claps her hands and she calls for another slave who immediately appears in the small interrogation room. He will lick the boots clean and the fetishist has to watch.

What a nice situation for Mephista: Humiliation of two slaves at the same time. One is made to lick the cum of another male from her boots, the other one, who would do everything to do that, is bound to the chair and all he can do is watch. Mephista looks into his eyes and a mean smile is on her face.

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