Boots & High Heels

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Don't Complain, Stupid!

Two bossy ladies return from a ride and take a seat at the bar. Between their boots there is their is a slave on the ground. "Look, what we have here!", Jessica says and orders the slave to start licking the dust from their boots. And guess what he says: "Yes, I will do it again!"

"Again? Do you want to complain?", Jessica asks and Nikki Whiplash agrees. What a stupid boy. Nikki says to him that he should show the biggest passion now or she will kick him into the balls so hard that he will never forget. And so the slave starts licking like crazy.

Both ladies wear leather overknee boots over their skin tight jodhpurs. That means there is a lot of leather to be cleaned and 4 long and thin heels. Nikki does not stop to threat him that he will suffer in pain if the boots are bnot spotless. He really fears both ladies an so he licks for his life...

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