Boots & High Heels

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I Expect Perfection

A slave does his work at the Residenz Avalon, a place for dominant women, but he is being watched by a young and dangerous Mistress. Lady Mephista, dressed in a skin tight corset and overknee boots looks at him and it is for sure, she has something in her mind.

"You can finnish your work now, come here!", she says and points on the hard ground in front of her boots. He kneels down and Mephista continues: "Look at my boots. There are dust and dirt, I think you know what you have to do!" As always, Mephista speaks with a soft and friendly voice, but the slaves know that she is an extreme cruel woman. If a slave doesn't satisfy her high expections, a very hard caning is for sure.

So the slave really does ihis best and tries to clean every little inch of her leather boots while the arrogant woman looks down at him. It is so important to follow every command. If she says "look", he may only look, not lick. Otherwise, his punishment would be horrible. So you can imagine how dangerous this situation is for that poor boy...

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