Boots & High Heels

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The New Bootslave

Mistress Kassi returns from the slave market, dressed in a stunning leather outfit. Behind her she pulls 3 new slaves in the big hall of her mansion. She just bought 2 of them as working slaves, the third one will be trained a her new bootslave.

And the training will start right now. While the other slaves are in a cage or chained, the new bootslave is ordered on his knees and he has to start to lick the dust from her knee high boots. Looks like the slave dealer did not make wrong promises, the slave does his job with big passion. But it's always a good idea to do so because Kassi is known for very cruel punishments.

After a while the leather clad lady wants to sit and so the slave is ordered to lay down on his back. Kassi uses his tongue like a doormat before she pushes her spiked heel into his mouth and makes him sucking the heels. But that's not all: In the end the slave has to crawl on the hard ground next to her boots and kiss them after every step.

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