Boots & High Heels

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Lick My Boots After Shopping

gorgeous german pro dom comes home after a shopping tour. she is dressed in casual clothings. on her feet are personal high heel black leather boots. she walks to the dog cave and gets out her slave dog out of the box.

"get on the floor. as you can see i was shopping and now my boots are very dirty. you are going to clean them now. so start licking you pathetic dog." and our doogie slave does…he licks the boots all over with enthusiasm knowing that its a great honour to lick the dirt of the boots of a beautiful goddess like black diamoond is. "is it hard to breathe under the mask doggie?" "yes it is, mistress". "i dont care about. i dont want to see your ugly face. so get on licking! and since when a dog can speak?" and the doggie does. thats what all slaves are for - just to be boot licking dogs.

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