Boots & High Heels

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Bootworship On The Throne

today we have another phantastic clip for our big fan community of beautiful strong women wearing leather and boots in command. we have gorgeous blonde goddess mistress akella today in the red throne room.

she is dressed in leather from head to toe wearing beautiful expensive overknee leather boots on her tight legs. "your duty is today to make my boots clean and shiny, cuz they are dirty" she says. our masked slave does not need furhter instructions to go into action. he has to kiss and to lick the boots from all over while his arrogant owner watching him carefully. she also encollars him to have better control of his devotional action. to make it all a lil bit more humiliating she also stands up and drip some spit on her boots and the ground. of course the slave has to lick everything of and to recieve spit from a goddess is always a big honour for every slave!

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