Boots & High Heels

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Bootlicker Drill

we are in the dungeon of lady pascal, where 2 lousy slaves await her coming. as she does, she greets both 2 slaves who raising their heads. of course they are ordered at once to bow down their heads again!

"i was outside today, so my boots are dirty and i have a task for you today."she lets them out of the cage and kneel them in front of a bench. "slave no 1 - its you - get on!" she says putting her boot on the bench. the other slave has to remain in position. arms back, head down while slave 1 licks the booted foot of his goddess. time for a change. the other slave has now to lick the other boot. "what noises do you do here slave while licking? you are pretty unfit, but trust me, when i am finished with you, you will have lost 15 kg. you dont get any meal here, the only meal is the smell of leather, got it?"

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