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Ashtray For The Bride

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This night really changes the life of this old brave man but not the way he thought. His young bride turns out as an dominant, mean and arrogant Mistress. She leaves no doubt who is in control from the moment as he signed the marriage contract.

"Slave, I want to smoke!", she says with an arrogant voice. Can you imagine, that she calls his husband a slave? But she says that with such a matter of course that he can't resists, he obeys. He has to kneel down at her beautiful legs, light up the cigarette and watch his young bride smoking.

But that's not all. She will use him as her human ashtray. Everytime she wants he has to open his mouth and the mean lady drops the hot ash on his tongue with such a devilish smile. Looks like she has planned every detail of her new, luxury femdom life.

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Endless Cruel Whipping

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Mistress Kassi is such a sneaky lady. One of her strongest slaves is changed with his hands up, another one has prepared her most painful bullwhips. It's for sure, this will end up in a very hard and long whipping. But first, Kassi sits down, dressed completely in black leather that shows off her perfect shape.

It takes only a few seconds and the dick of the slave is fully erected. Watching his Mistress in black leather... he can't help hisself. Kassi smiles and stands up, walks slowly closer and of course she says that a slave is not allowed to have an erection without her permission. It's so easy to find a reason for a hard whipping.

And a hard whipping is what follows now. Kassi uses different bullwhips, they all have different but dangerous sounds. One bites into the skin another one bites deeper. But they all are terrible painful. The next 15 minutes will become a nightmare for that slave but so satisfying for his cruel owner...

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Good Morning Caning

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The same painful procedure every morning for this slave: A hard caning. 365 days a year, without any exceptions. What a poor boy and what a cruel lady.

It is Mistress Cloe, who appears upstairs, already dressed for her shopping trip, ready to turn men's heads. Cloe wears skinny jeans and expensive stiletto heels, combined with a short and tight jacket. Her hair is styled and her make up is perfect. She has a cane in her leather gloved hands. "Good morning, slave! How was your night?", the mean bitch ask with a smile. She knows that he was chains to the stairs the whole night, not able to lay down and sleep.

Her stiletto heels make a dominant sound as she walks down the stairs. She tells him that it's time for his daily whipping but that doesn't surprise him. And so the cruel scene starts. A hard caning for the slave from a lady who gets more and more aroused with every single stroke...

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I Expect Perfection

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A slave does his work at the Residenz Avalon, a place for dominant women, but he is being watched by a young and dangerous Mistress. Lady Mephista, dressed in a skin tight corset and overknee boots looks at him and it is for sure, she has something in her mind.

"You can finnish your work now, come here!", she says and points on the hard ground in front of her boots. He kneels down and Mephista continues: "Look at my boots. There are dust and dirt, I think you know what you have to do!" As always, Mephista speaks with a soft and friendly voice, but the slaves know that she is an extreme cruel woman. If a slave doesn't satisfy her high expections, a very hard caning is for sure.

So the slave really does ihis best and tries to clean every little inch of her leather boots while the arrogant woman looks down at him. It is so important to follow every command. If she says "look", he may only look, not lick. Otherwise, his punishment would be horrible. So you can imagine how dangerous this situation is for that poor boy...

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Countess Constance

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This clip introduces our new Mistress: Countess Constance. The slaves at her stable gave her the nickname "Constance Arrogance" and this speaks books. This rich beauty is used to be surrounded by low workers, maids, butlers and private slaves.

Constance just returns from the stables, dressed in skin tight jodhpurs and stunning overknee boots. She wears a tight riding blazer and nothing else than a bra under it. As always, her make up is super perfect, her long stiletto nails are polished in a very expensive style. "Slave!", the beauty calls and one of her private slave appears. "Lick my boots, they could be dusty!", she commands him while she tells him that she is so tiered from the ride.

The slave does his best but the Countess is never satisfied. From her point of view all slaves are stupids who have to be trained again and again. For example with her riding crop. This clip is a must have for the lovers of arrogant women in boots!

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