Whipping & Caning

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The Chair Of Pain

When we entered the metal room during a shooting, Mistress Ezada was really delighted and she immediately said that she wants to see the slave suffer on that special steel chair.

Now, the slave is bound to the cold steel, his legs are spread. Mistress Ezada walks closer, dressed in black leather. With a soft voice she says: "Well, you are a very strong slave, but now I will whip the inner sites of your thighs, the most sensitive part of your body!" She walks around him, rubbing her own thighs against each other in cruel anticipation. She is already aroused.

And then, with a thin dressage whip, she starts beating her victim. Every lash leaves a thin red line on his legs and very soon they have a nice red color. The slave screams out loud in pain, but that arouses the cruel lady even more. She don't stop. She continues with the whipping.

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