Whipping & Caning

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My Whip Will Make You Singing

"Do you want to dance for me?", Mistress Ezada asks the slave who is chained to the ceiling with his hands. The mean lady is dressed completely in black leather, especially her tight leather corset shows off her perfect shape. She has a single tail whip in her hand.

Ezada explains to the slave that he will do everything for her and now she wants to make him dance in pain. Pain from her whip. And then she starts without a warning. Ezada whips him all over his body and she really gets aroused by his screams. Very soon he jumps in pain, tries to hide his back, what looks like a nice pain dance.

Ezada allows him a short break, just to tease him a little bit. She comes so close to him that he can feel her leather clad body. She tells him that his screams are music in her ears and that she loves the way her whip males im singing too. She smiles and then the whipping continues, even harder as before...

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