Whipping & Caning

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Horrible Caning

If a slave was brought down to the special interrogation room and Lady Pascal is awaiting him dressed like this, he will have a very hard time. Pascal is dressed in skin tight leather trousers, she wears high heeled boots and her body is shaped by a black leather corset. Her short gloves shows off her long and sharp, red polished nails.

The woman, who will make that slave extremely suffer now, looks at her victim with a mean smile. There is a strong hook in his nostrils, attached to a thin cord that Pascal holds in her hand. Everytime she pulls at the cord, the hook bits into his nostrils and pushes him higher and higher to tolerate the pain. At the point of the biggest pain, the cruel lady fixes the rope, grabes a cane and comes closer with a cruel smile on her lips.

What follows is a horrible caning by the female sadist. Without and mercy, but for her big pleasure, Pascal beats his body with the cane, the ass and the back. The pain makes him move to hide his back but every little move means much more pain because of the hook in his nose. He better should not move but that is impossible as long as the lady in leather keeps beating him with the cane.

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