Whipping & Caning

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Summer Day Whipping

It's a nice and hot summer day as the old slave is chaind by his young Mistress. He knows it is time for a whipping, just for her pleasure. Otherwise she would not dress like this. Victoria wears a dress that only covers only the most intimate parts of her body. But she wears long black gloves, and these gloves mean pain.

The beautiful but cruel young lady lifts his hands up so his body is presented perfectly to her whip. Today she uses the lady single tail, a thin but painful bullwhip. And she loves to make him jumping in pain. From the first lashes he starts moaning in pain and a mean smile rushes over her face.

Victoria knows how to make him suffer and especially suffer more. From time to time she comes so close to him that he can feel her body through the thin dress and she whispers in his hear that she wants a good slave and how much whipping him arouses her. Everytime she has teased him this way she returns to her position and she whips him harder and harder and faster and faster...

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