Whipping & Caning

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There Is No Escape

We are today in the slave farm of cruel mistresses. its hidden outside in a secret area in germany. by accident a cage of one slave of this farm was open and he is a lil bit surprised that he is free.

he thinks its a good idea to be helpful and he releases 2 other slaves from their cave. next they run to the big entrance and try to escape. but they cannot. the entrance is too high and they get more and more frustrated. and they will be much more frustrated as two overseers of the slave farm appears: mistresses black diamoond and akella. both are armed with whips as usual and as they find the three slaves trying to escape their painful snake whips go rapidly into action. they whip the poor 3 slaves from all sides and even dont care about where the end of the whips rain down on. these slaves really have to be punished severely and they will teach them a lesson they wont forget! at least the poor slaves get a more further punishment by riding crops in the cellar before they are caged in. and this time they will stay in the dark cellar for days by bread and water!

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