Whipping & Caning

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The Red Rubber Cane

next clip with wonderful beautiful mistress lady chanel. "look slave, what i have here" she says "a nice looking red rubber cane. well, we should test this nice toy here today".

the slave is already tied to a punishment bench, fixed totally so he cant move. his already marked body from earlier punishments from lady chanel is well presented and his ass is raised in the air to recieve whatever lady chanel wants to give. she starts to bring down the painful cane hardly from the first strokes leaving at once red marks on the ass of the slave. sometimes she raises up the speed a lil bit making the slave moan out loud. "well, ive got the feeling, this one is nice, better then the canes i usually use on you." what a sadistic bitch this beauty is. the caning goes on for minutes and minutes and she thrashes his backside from several angles leaving not a mm unmarked and unpunished. how can a lady be so beautiful but also so cruel?

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