Whipping & Caning

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Caning In Red

today we have another phantastic clip of our "red-series" starring gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. filmed in a red room she looks stunning wearing also red leather.

first she inspects some unusual toys while her slave is already tied to an andreas cross. but the stupid idiot unfortunately forget the electric adapter for a toy she wants to use on him today and is very angry about the slave. of course this behaviour has to be punished. "i am sorry mistress, i am sorry..." "sorry is not good enough slave". and she slaps his ass face then taking out a rattan cane and stripe his pathetic ass with hard strokes from the beginning. and she goes on with punishing him very hard from all sides. she canes him so hard that even her first cane breaks which even makes her more angry. so he gets more and more hard strokes and his ass getting redder and redder. and he can moan as long as he wont - his mistress doesnt care about. he will really suffer today and she gets even more angry when more canes break on the ass of the slave. class a caning clip!

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