Whipping & Caning

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Hard Punishment On The Rack

"you will stay still this time. i dont want you too move slave" german mistress lady pascal says. and to take care of that she prepared her slave this time on a special rack.

made of metal his hands are bound in a position she likes and his pathetic prick is also encaged in cold metal. lady pascal soon wants to figure out, if he can move by caning his ass with a swishy rattan cane. giving him a few good backhand strokes he moans and tries to escape, but he cant "where do you wanna go?" she asks him. he has no answer and of course he gets more strokes. his prick gets off the rack and he is ordered to reposition himself. "a lil bit of punishment is good for you slave!" she says. after the caning she gets out a thick round leather paddle presenting it to the slave: "this one is next. making dump round pain i can assure you". and to proove this she brings it to action with very hard strokes on his body from all sites!

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