Whipping & Caning

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Caned For Being Late

mistress nemesis and BRANDNEW MISTRESS lady sofia, dressed in superhot expensive tight black catsuit uniforms waiting for their old slaves in the hall of their mansion.

the slave appears. late. very much too late! "i had an accident with the car" the slave says, but of course this is not acceptable. nothing is acceptable to come late to dominant sadists! the slave will have to pay for it now. and he will have to pay by getting a very very hard caning on his bare ass from both ladies. from the first stroke both ladies really swing the canes with everything they have in their right arm. no warm up or tippy tappy strokes, nope, pure punishment from the beginning. the slave tries to escape the strokes as red lines spring off onto his ass and a nice pattern appears. they want to test also some special rubber canes today, but especially mistress nemesis is not satisfied with one. its too wobbly for her taste having not the desired effect of pain. so back to classic canes again and back to very hard caning! mistress nemesis canes the ass of the slave so hard in this clip that she breaks her cane a few times until its only a short stick. and as usual - these ladies having lots of fun and laugh a lot when they dish out punishments - real sadists!!!

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