Whipping & Caning

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Private Party

this clip starts in the dungeon where three males are imprisoned, nearly fully naked and masked. one of them is very tired and the others discuss how it came that they are here.

they dont know, but they are pretty positive, that they will have a great fuck soon, cuz they are naked. but then lady mephista appears, dressed in a casual black outfit and sandals and releases one of the men. obviously he is pretty stupid, cuz he still thinks he can haven now lots of fun and a good fuck. didnt the idiot see the cane in the hands of lady mephista? then he is let on all fours to the punishent rack. "well, its always the same, men are so easily trapped." and now that he he is bound tight, the private party of lady mephista starts. and this party will contain a very well striped backside cuz her cane is going now into action. and as beeing a pro dom lady mephista knows how to cane a backside very hard and accourte. and she really loves this now smiling a lot. "some other people are drinking some champagne now in the lounge and amuse themselves, but this party here belongs only to me and i do enjoy it a lot more." superhot femdom action! clip duration: 10.53 mins. a lil longer then our usual clip, but the action is so hot, we can understand it pretty well, that the camera man didnt want to stop!

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