Whipping & Caning

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Punished For Blasphemy 1

today we start with a clip devided in 2 parts cuz it is too long. story: clip starts with an older slave of german pro dom lady pascal. he telephones with his friend stephan talking about the girlfriend of lady pascal and blaspheme about her all the time, how she is dressed, how she talks, about her manners and and and.

well, this is not a good idea, when his mistress is already in the room as he is going to find out soon. lady pascal appears and she catched everything he said on the telepone. she pulls him by the ears and orders him to take his shirt off. "i am going to put a better behaviour now into you i promise" she says. "you will suffer for this." his arms raised high in the air by a pulley lady pascal gets a short bullwhip out and starts to whip his back while he is helpless and stretched out. while she whips him she teaches him also a lesson with words. first the slave tries to talk back, but this is also definately not allowed. so on and on the whip goes down and he doesnt talk back any more. he also recieves a hard front whipping so all of his body parts are covered with welts from all over. part 1 of 2.

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