Whipping & Caning

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The Sandhour Caning

today we have the next clip with mistress cloe. she deals here with a prisoner who was ordered to the playroom by his warden and he was already interrogated due to illegal activities going on in the prison.

and the warden already wanted to know the name of the prisoner that is responsable for that activities. first the prisoner resisted, but in the end warden cloe get what she wanted to get. but the warden is still very angry that it needs some time before the prisoner named the name of the guilty prisoner, so that behaviour needs punishment for sure. she gets out a sandhour cane. running time about 8 mins. and she announces that the prisoner gets a hard caning for about 8 minutes now. he is ordered to undress and as he does he has a hardon. "bring it down prisoner! NOW! DO IT! otherwise i will cane it off" but it doesnt go down, so she gets out a stingy rattan cane and canes his ass without hesitation and without any mercy. the prisoner has to touch his ankles and present his backside. stroke after stroke rains down on the ass of him. "i will take care about your ass. you wont be able to sit down for a few weeks i promise."and she will do...

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