Whipping & Caning

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2 Slaves Punished And Tortured

here we have another phantastic clip with beautiful mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the bitches are in the mood to have some fun today with their house slaves.

the best space for this is to use the big entry hall of their mansion. they attach clothespins to the bodies of the slaves first. lots of clothespins. all over. on their nipples, their faces, their arms, their legs, to make it short - wherever they find a suitable place to attach one. also the old slave gets nipple clamps. this is already very painful and the slave sink their heads down to this humiliation, but this is just the start. out come some riding crops with a slapper on the end and now the ladies start to whip of the clamps. some of the clamps are very tight and dont want to get off with the first stroke, but the more the ladies try the more perfect they get. and even when they fail with the first stroke it doesnt matter cuz then they whip the clamps off with very hard strokes. in the end tons of clamps lie around and the slaves body look pretty nicely marked from the clamps and the whips. of course the slaves has to clean the floor and collect all fallen clamps.

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