Whipping & Caning

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Caned Hard By The Leatherlady

here we have the next clip with goddess mistress akella. she is awaiting her bad slave in the throne hall. the slave comes in in a cage on rolls and is let out: "you will be punished today" mistress akella says. the slave gave away some keys to a stranger, he is accused, but he says "i dont know mistress".

it doesnt matter if he did or not, he will be punished. and when mistress akelle says punish, she means punish. our poor slave has to position over a punishment bench. as she ties him to it he begins to realize that there is a lot of pain ahead for him. as she starts to dish out the caning the lousy slave soon screams out very loud and displeases his goddesses: "so if you scream like this it will be even more painful for you". she says. but the slave even tries to get off the bench. pooor slave…he gets even more vicious strokes now and his ass is well striped in the end.

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