Whipping & Caning

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Double Frustration Cropping

the house slaves of the mansion are relaxing on the couches of the smoking room in the mansion. they talk about their ladies in a matter where they should be VERY safe, that no one hears it.

what they dont know is that the mistresses hear everything cuz they are already in the hall of the mansion. they are very very angry about this talking but they are already angry of the slaves cuz they didnt prepare their horses for a riding! ohoho... a bad time is ahead for the slaves for sure. they are ordered to bend over a punishment bench in the hall and it needs just a second until their riding crop go into action! and they really go into action. really hard whipping from the first stroke. welt after welt appears on the asses of their slaves. they moan out under the treatment but are ordered to stay quite while they proceed their merciless whipping. even after half length of this clip the asses are deeply red and black and blue all over. but the slaves really have earned this punishment! mistress nemesis thrashes the back of the slaves so hard that she even breaks the handle of the crop! very hard punishment clip!

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