Whipping & Caning

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Hard Caning For The Butler

here we have a new clip starring goddesses countess stella and mistress nemesis today. mistress nemesis is the owner of a slave school and she awaits her friend countess stella today for a reclamation.

I Will Spank You Black And Blue

today we have a new clip with british pro dom mistress whiplash. as the clip starts her slave kneeling in front of her. mistress whiplash notices some marks on his breast and asks him from where they are...

A Stonehard Whipping From Akella

mistress akella is a lil bit nervous today sitting in leather on her throne waiting for her slave. as he appears, he presents her a dangerous looking whip and soon she feels better.

Hard Caning In The Chamber

here we have today the next clip of british pro dom domina liza. her slave is already fixed in the torture dungeon with his ass well presented to his mistress.


Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. There has been a change of ownership, but our site will be back with regular uploads on march 1. So stay tuned and be prepared for more of our beautiful, sadistic ladies.

The Malicious Landlady 2

Do you remember the luxury landlady who increased the rent so much that a young man was no longer able to pay? She offered him a special payment. She opened her handbag and took out a thin bullwhip.

A Lesson With The Cane

There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. Mademoiselle de S. is dressed completely in leather, she even wears black leather gloves.

Summer Day Whipping

It's a nice and hot summer day as the old slave is chaind by his young Mistress. He knows it is time for a whipping, just for her pleasure. Otherwise she would not dress like this. Victoria wears a dress that only covers only the most intimate parts of her body. But she wears long black gloves, and these gloves mean pain.

Lesson 2

The young but cruel business lady Cloe has bought a new slave. As always, she bought an old one because she loves to dominate old slaves. Usually they don't need a lot of training, they are easy to handle and obey every order. But this one seems to be different. He starts to discuss too many times, so Cloe decided that he has to spent the night in a small cage.