Whipping & Caning

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Caned For Being Late

mistress nemesis and BRANDNEW MISTRESS lady sofia, dressed in superhot expensive tight black catsuit uniforms waiting for their old slaves in the hall of their mansion.

Hard Punishment On The Rack

"you will stay still this time. i dont want you too move slave" german mistress lady pascal says. and to take care of that she prepared her slave this time on a special rack.

Venus In Furs Whipping 2 Slaves

today we add here a wonderful new clip starring empress victoria. she looks superhot wearing a red leather robe, red leather gloves, furs and high heel sandals. 2 of her slaves are already well prepared.

Breaking Down A Slave

here is a superhot new clip with gorgeous lady mistress ezada. she is pretty satisfied with the session and the slave today. "but now i am going to finish you. with my snakewhip. it will bite into your skin. i will break you now."

Whipping And Tickling

next clip with german pro dom lady stella. she may be beautiful, but she is also very cruel with her slaves... in this clip she has a good game in mind, cuz she wants to apply a mixture of emotions to the skin of the slave. a mixture of pain and pleasure, but sometimes even pleasure can be very painful and it will be in this clip!

Caning In Red

today we have another phantastic clip of our "red-series" starring gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. filmed in a red room she looks stunning wearing also red leather.

Helpless And Whipped Hard

here we have the next clip with hard punishment. starring adorable mistress ezada she is dressed in black leather. her slave is already prepared lying on a punishment bench, tied to it with leather straps.

The Red Rubber Cane

next clip with wonderful beautiful mistress lady chanel. "look slave, what i have here" she says "a nice looking red rubber cane. well, we should test this nice toy here today".

A Cruel Whipping

"i am going to whip you" mistress ezada says as this new clip starts. and while she saying this she caresses his face with a brown painful looking snake whip and she looks the slave deeply into his eyes.

There Is No Escape

We are today in the slave farm of cruel mistresses. its hidden outside in a secret area in germany. by accident a cage of one slave of this farm was open and he is a lil bit surprised that he is free.