Whipping & Caning

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Caned By Mephista

This is our first and a very rare caning clip with the stunning Lady Mephista. The cruel Mistress walks into the dungeon, deep down in the cellar of the Residenz Avalon, where nobody will hear the slaves scream.

Merciless Cock Whipping

Mistress Ezada, dressed in breath taking black leather, walks around the slave and she lets the cat'o'nine whip sliding through her hand. The slave looks scared as the whip. It seems he knows what's coming.

The Spiked Belt

After Mistress Akella has lifted up the slaves legs, she walks around her victim and asks with a soft voice: "Do you know what that is, slave?" She has the spiked belt in her leather gloved hand but the slave can't answer, he fears her too much.

Immediate Caning

Will this stupid slave ever learn? He was told to polish Lady Pascal's expensive sports car but he is doing that without passion and he does a lot of jokes. So many canings seem to show no effort. Exactly as he rubbs his ass against the car, his female owner leaves the house.

The Malicious Landlady

As the bell rings, the young man opens the door of his flat. It's his landlady who wants to talk with him, so he guides her into his living room. The rich lady is dressed in snake skin leather: Her designer boots, her dress and even the short gloves. She really loves to show her wealth.

Disobedience Will Be Punished

"You know, why you are here, slave?", Domina Liza asks the naked slave who is already prepared for a whipping. "Disobedience will be punished!", she continuous and from this moment the slave knows that he can't expect any mercy from this heartless Mistress.

One Will Never Learn

There are slaves who will never learn. They will never be perfect slaves. They don't kneel down when a Mistress comes into a room, they don't kiss their female owner's boots with enough passion and so on. Or is it because the Mistress changes the rules every day?

Sadistic Boots

All of Mistress Ella's slaves know: If the Mistress is dressed like this in skin tight black leather, she is in the mood for a hard punishment. But if she also wears these shiny and dominant boots, one of the slaves will be in real trouble. Everytime the mean lady wears this boots, she is in the mood to make a slave suffer.

Pre Party Caning

Every weekend, when Chanel is ready to leave the mansion for party and night clubbing, the young and dominant lady does the same ritual: A hard caning to her private slave.

The Slave Clinic

This slave has spent the last hours in a small cage. Now, the sound of stiletto heels comes closer. All he can see is the white lab coat and that the female doctor is wearing thigh high leather boots under it. It is Mistress Akella who keeps him imprisoned here for her cruel experiments.