Whipping & Caning

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A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

here we have the next clip with very popular goddess miss jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very harsh whipping with her favourite of her - a devilish looking single tail leather whip with a thin end that stings like hell for sure.

The Whipping Contest

here we have another phantastic clip with german pro dom lady stella! she is dressed in shiny pvc and is just in the mood to dish out some punishments today for her slaves.

A Merciless Whipping

time for a next clip with beautiful german mistress lady chanel. she is dressed in tight shiny brown leggings, a black skirt, leather gloves and high heels. holding a vicious cat o nine tails in her cruel hands she awaits her new slave for a further test.

A Hard Bullwhipping

"what are you doing here?" mistress akella says as she enters the hall finding her slave relaxing. "err... its sunday, its my free time!" the slave says. "so when its sunday, why wasnt you in church today?" "eeerg... i was in church mistress!" "you were ordered to sort these things out and clean them, why you didnt?"

Whipped And Caned

next clip with loooong legged goddess empress victoria! she is dressed in a sexy semitransparent black outfit, while her slave is already tight to a punishment rack.

Hard Whipping For Lazy Slaves

we are very pleased to present something special starting from today: as many of you know we are in good friendship and cooperation with our friends from femdomfoto.de. we have already published some of their wonderful images and some mistresses. we start today also to present cool actionstuff from them. and we start with a brandnew hot mistress here (in fact the former owner always wanted to work with her, but couldnt do it at least...): lets welcome LADY STELLA!

Caning Is Fun

today we have a hard punishment clip starring beautiful lady mistress kassi. she looks stunning dressed todally in leather from head to toe.

Hard Caning For The Butler

here we have a new clip starring goddesses countess stella and mistress nemesis today. mistress nemesis is the owner of a slave school and she awaits her friend countess stella today for a reclamation.

I Will Spank You Black And Blue

today we have a new clip with british pro dom mistress whiplash. as the clip starts her slave kneeling in front of her. mistress whiplash notices some marks on his breast and asks him from where they are...