Whipping & Caning

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Room Of Pain / Whipping Boy / You Are The Next

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Lady de Maar enters the dungeon where her slave is already fixed into a wooden torture device. He is there for her pleasure because the Mistress loves to whip helpless men.

With a heavy cat'o'nine and a dangerous thin crop she merciless beats his ass. She laughts at him while he is moaning in pain...

Best Of Caning - Part 1-2

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There is not much to say: Hard femdom caning only! The best and cruellest caning scenes from our movies! Madame Catarina in her most sadistic moods!

Best Of Whipping - Part 1-2

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All whipping scenes only from our bestseller movies in the autumn of 2006. See the beautiful but sadistic Madame Catarina beating slaves with her cruel whips.

The Big Mouthed Slave - Part 6-8

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Both ladies had have her own solo turn so they now come back to a full force double caning. Madame Catarina hits him from one site with her high flexible cane and Susan de Winter from the other side with her thick cane. The action again becomes much harder...

The Big Mouthed Slave - Part 3-5

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The cruel Mistresses start caning him together and then each lady has her own turn. Madame Catarina starts with caning his feet and than his ass. After that Lady de Winter canes his ass very hard with a long and very flexible cane. Hit by hit strong marks appear on the bigmouthed slave's ass...

The Big Mouthed Slave - Part 1-2

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Imagine, a slave from England wrote to Madame Catarina that he can take much more pain than her other slaves. So far so good but he wrote the same to Lady Susan, who is also known as a very cruel Mistress. Both ladies are friends and so they arrange an evening with this big mouthed slave with an endless hard whipping and caning. In part 1 the slave is led into the salon where Lady Susan waits for Madame Catarina. The slave is being bound to the whipping bench and the cruel Mistresses starts with their cat'o'nine tails...

The Old Horny Guy - Part 4-6

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Helpless chained to the cross the old guy has tu endure an extreme hard whipping. Lady de Winter has chosen her cruel, double ended single tails. This whip brings extreme pain to the victim and the arrogant Mistress uses it without any mercy. The old man screams and moans in pain but Lady de Winter hits him even harder...

The Old Horny Guy - Part 1-3

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Lady Susan de Winter has an old but permanently horny slave. To cure him from his horniness she first shows him how it feels to be fucked. She inserts sounds into his urethra and with the thickest steel she starts fucking his helpless cock...

41 - Beating The Beast - Part 7-8

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The last whip the slave has to endure is Lady de Winter's favourite single tail: The Lady Whip. It is an elegant and feminin single tail. Because the end of the tail is so thin and flexible this whip is extrem painful and the fact that the cruel Mistress brings the whip down with full force makes it all the worse.