Female Domination

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Her Parent's Butler

There is a secret Victoria and her parent's butler share: The old guy became her slave a few years ago! He is in love with her but the young and arrogant lady is a mean girl. She loves to dominate and so she used the situation to make him her slave. That's why he serves her now, just to be with her.

And Victoria knows how to tease him. She has dressed herself in a see through dress that only covers her breasts and her intimate area. Dressed like that, she walks closer to the butler who is chained to a wooden rack in the hall behind the house. Her parents never use that hall. "So you are already waiting for me in that very nice position.", she says and smiles at her property.

She wants to play with his nipples today. She loves to see him suffer for her. So much pleasure to see how much pain he can endure for her. She uses heavy clamps on his nipples, beats them off with her riding crop and starts over with more clamps...

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