Female Domination

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The Defiled Boots - Part 2

This is the second part of the defiled boots story. Maybe you remember that Lady Mephista slapped this slave's face very hard until he admitted that he has cum on her boots. Now, the cruel lady returns and she is back for make him suffer.

The slave was bound to the chair for hours now, alone in the cold basement. Mephista returns and lights up a cigarette. Somehow he knows that she is back for hurting him and so he tries to deal with her. But whatever he says, the aristocratic goddess has the right answer for him and the more he says the more he is in trouble.

Mephista makes use of her cigarette to torture his nipples and balls. Again and again she lights up the cigarette just to stomp it out on his dick again. The slaves screams a lot and tries to breath the pain away while the cruel lady talks to him with an ice cold voice. She will burn this lesson into his brain.

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