Female Domination

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In Double Trouble

Two ladies on stiletto heels come closer to a naked and masked slave who lays on the ground of a big all. They wear black leggings and very tight corsets. They look so dominant and so stunning. "Look, what we have here"; Mistress Jessica says and puts her heel on the slave. Mistress Whiplash does not hesitate and sits down on the slave's face.

Everyone, who knows this femme fatale duo knows, this slave is in trouble now. Better to say in double trouble but these ladies are specialists in cruel face sitting. That's why the slave starts struggling under Mistress Whipliash now, trying to breath and fighting for air. But all Mistress Whiplash does is looking down at him with an arrogant smile and she suggests that he better enjoy her wonderful round ass.

Mistress Jessica also sits down on the slave now. One lady on his breast, the other one on his face. Is this slave in heaven or hell. He really fights for air but he is at the lady's mercy. Then both ladies change the position. It's now Jessica's turn and she sits down on his face. The more the slave struggles the more Jessica and Nikki enjoy what they do to him...

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