Female Domination

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We Break You

It's deep at night, round about 2 am, as the door of the cellar is opened and 2 of the cruel guards enter the small, dark room, where the prisoner tries to get some sleep after a day full of whipping and hard work. Unfortunately the guards are Faye and Cloe, known for being mean and sadistic.

As he came to this correction institute, Faye and Cloe were waiting for him and they told him that they will totally break him. And now they are here, downstairs, where nobody will her his screams. "Up!", Faye shouts at him. "I want to see 100 of knee bends, now!" The prisoner tries to follow this order as fast as possible because Cloe already presents her dangerous rubber crop. He knows, they do not hesitate to beat him like crazy.

"Pushups, now!", Faye shouts again. "I want you to kiss my high heels everytime your face is down at the floor.", she says and then both ladies exchange a mean smile. To make it even harder for him, Cloe takes a seat on his back. Later she will put one boot on his back and dig the sharp heel into his skin. And of course, although he is strong enough to handle it, they cruel ladies will whip him before they leave.

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