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Hard Hanging Treatment

today we have another phantastic clip of our "red-series" starring gorgeous pro dom mistress akella. this clip is very special and unique, cuz the godess has different ideas today to treat her slave in a way she likes.

and mistress akella likes to inflict pain to her slaves in any possible way. she is quite sure, that every submissive has to endure lots of pain to please her in a way she likes. so in this clip she sits in front of a slave who is shackled with arms in the air. she starts to apply some nipple clamps to his nipples. while playing with his dick and balls. she holds the nipple clamps on a chain and a collar and the slave has to lean forward to make it comfortable for his mistress. but this is not so easy for the slave when akella puts her long leather boots into his pathetic cock pressing him away from her. so what comes has to come - sometimes the clamps rip off the nipples which is very painful to the moaning slave. then he has to turn around and has to stand in the right distance presenting his ass to his mistress while beeing kicked with the sharp heels of her boots. she also enlighten a cigarette and the slave has to hold the cigarette in his ass cheeks, while akella continues with some nipple torture with her leather gloves... as usual... the best quality in femdom is here!

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