Female Domination

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Hard Torture For 2 Slaves

next clip starring natural dominant mistress lady stella. this mistress is a really bitchy one and she has a very cruel game today in her mind with her 2 slaves! she binds the pathetic pricks of her 2 slave together with a rope.

for one slave this isnt an easy task cuz his cock is so pathetic small...lady stella even has difficulties to bind it with her rope...haha... but this is just the start. next one slave has to stand straight and he is not allowed to move an inch. the other one has to kiss the feet of the mistress... well...but this means that the kissing slave has to crawl and has to try to reach the feet, but lady stella takes her foot away so that he must put all he has into to reach the feet, which means that his balls are stretched out very loooong... what a bitch... to encourage him a lil bit she viciously beats his ass with a flogger... this game is really cruel and as you can see the balls of the slave soon gets very blue... but our cruel mistress really loves this game... class a hard femdom clip!

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