Female Domination

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The Cruel Fetish Model

Do you like long legged models in skin tight latex? This clip will make you breathless. Mistress Akella is also known as a foto model but the beautiful blonde lady has a secret. She loves to torture males especially she loves to kick them and to bust their balls.

Dressed in a skin tight latex skirt and a black latex top, Akella enters the room and she walks like the star in a rock movie. Every slave would fall on his knees just from watching her. In the middle of the big hall a slave has been prepared for the cruel Mistress. His hands up the the chains, his balls unvovered, ready to be aimed by Akella.

And that's exactly what this clip is about. Hard ballbusting and CBT. Akella has so much fun to kick the slave's balls with her stiletto high heels. Everytime the slave screams in pain. And when she allows him a small break brom the kicking, she grabs his balls with her leather gloved hand and boxes them like crazy. She really does a workout on his balls...

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