Female Domination

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Late at night Mistress Akella returns from a party, dressed in a skin tight, red dress that caught your breath and expensive stiletto heels. The blond beauty lays down on a couch, claps her hands and says: "Property, come here!"

She has to do that twice, because it's late at night, but than her private slave appears. It's a tall and strong man, dressed in a black rubber harness and a masked. A lot of women envy her this strong slave. He kneels down immediately but Akella is angry that she had to call him twice. But first, she wants the dust removed from her expensive shoes.

The tall slave starts his work. With big passion he really licks every little inch of the shoes while his spoiled owner relaxes. It's such a dangerous situation because he never knows what his cruel Mistress will do in the next moment. Anyway, he has to suck these sharp heels clean and as Akella wants him to take both shoes in his mouth and suck he has to follow her order. Looks like Akella will have some fun with him this night...

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