Female Domination

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Morning Terror

It's early in the morning in the prison for stubborn male slaves but the heavy iron door opens and Madame Charlotte enters the cell.

She is dressed in black with leather trousers and heavy leather boots. In her leather gloved hand she has a very painful devise: An english tawse!

"Get out of the bed!", she screams at the prisoner who was still sleeping. He jumps out of the bed and kneels down because he already knows the cruel lady. It's better to bey as fast as possible. But the mean Mistress has already a dastardly plan in her mind. She informs the prisoner that he will work in the kitchen this week and she will be so kind and warm up his hands.

And that's what happens now: The poor male has to show the inner side of his hands and Madame Charlotte whips them with the tawse again and again. While he suffers in pain, she continuously daunts him verbally. What a nice morning for the sadistic lady.

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