Female Domination

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Late at night Mistress Akella returns from a party, dressed in a skin tight, red dress that caught your breath and expensive stiletto heels. The blond beauty lays down on a couch, claps her hands and says: "Property, come here!"

The Model Agency

This clip shows what happens to a brave man who applys for a job as a secretary in a model agancy. Nothing special, you could say, but not, if Mistress Nemesis and Stella are the owners of the agency.

His First Ball Busting - Part 2

This clip is the other part of the ball busting story with Nikki Whiplash and the slave whos balls are kicked and abused for the first time. And the action gets harder and harder.

Heavy Slaps Without Gloves

"I want you to take off my gloves now!", the Hunteress says to the slave who kneels in front of her. The Hunteress is sitting in a chair and her style is breath taking. She wears vintage lingerie, combined with seamed stockings and amazing high heels.

His First Ball Busting - Part 1

This boy is rather adventurous or totally crazy. He asked Mistress Whiplash for his first time ballbusting and of course, the mean lady agreed. She promised not to wear fetish clothes but how she presents herself makes his dick hard from the first second.

Breaking The New Bitch

"Today, I will make you my new bitch!", Ezada says to the strong slave whos arms are bound in a mono glove on his back. The mean Mistress is dressed completele in skin tight, shiny black latex and she gently strokes the strap-on she already has put on.

A Cruel Morning

Every morning this slave fears the same: Will his owner leave him in peace or will she make him suffer, just for her pleasure. Mademoiselle de S. is ready for the day, dressed in skin tight leather, combined with knee high boots and amazing leather gloves. All she has to do is to apply more lipstick.

Instructions To Ruined Orgasm

This is one of our very rare masturbation instruction clips. You kneel in front of the young Mistress Blackdiamoond, who is dressed in a short dress and her high heels only. Her legs are naked and between them, she has a big rubber dick.

Useless Chauffeur

This chauffeur is either crazy or useless. Mistress Nikki wants to meet a friend in the city, she is already dressed perfectly in her skin tight black dress and matching designer high heels. As she calls the chauffeur he tells her that the car is not ready.

Akella's Way To Say Sorry

Mistress Akella slowly comes closer to her slave who is fixed in a metal rack. The blond beauty is dressed in red leather and she simply looks stunning! Well, you would not believe in your ears but Akella says that she thinks she was a little bit too strict with him the last days. That's why she brings him some flowers. Unfortunately you can't see her mean smile as she says that.