Female Domination

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Akella's Way To Say Sorry

Mistress Akella slowly comes closer to her slave who is fixed in a metal rack. The blond beauty is dressed in red leather and she simply looks stunning! Well, you would not believe in your ears but Akella says that she thinks she was a little bit too strict with him the last days. That's why she brings him some flowers. Unfortunately you can't see her mean smile as she says that.

Ashtray Prisoner

Down in the basement an man is chained to the wall. He wears prisoner's clothes because he is a prisoner in Lady Faye's institut for training males to become perfect slaves. This boy was brought by his Mistress to be trained as an human ashtray.

For Her Pleasure

Dressed in skin tight black leather, Mistress Ezada looks at her slave who is kneeling in front of her. The cruel lady sits in a big chair in the lounge of a femdom club. She smiles at him because she already knows what she will do to him: A lesson in female dominance.

Extreme Nipple Pain

In this clip you can see what a female sadist is able to do to her slave. There is no other reason for Lady Pascal than her own pleasure. Dressed in skin tight leather trousers and leather boots, a leather corset and a too wide opened blouse, she sits in front of her bound victim and presents all her cruel nipple clamps.

Interrogating The Smugglers - Part 1

Three slaves were caught smuggling something into the closed area of an big femdom house. Or did they just take a walk? Who cares. It's a very welcome reason for the two sadistic guards to have some cruel fun with them.

Teased And Ruined By Nikki

Nikki Whiplash sits close to to one of her slaves. She is dressed so hot in her skin tight short black dress, silk lined stockings, her Louboutin high heels and long black leather gloves. "Well my dear, you were not allowed to cum for so many weeks, maybe you may cum today."

In Double Trouble

Two ladies on stiletto heels come closer to a naked and masked slave who lays on the ground of a big all. They wear black leggings and very tight corsets. They look so dominant and so stunning. "Look, what we have here"; Mistress Jessica says and puts her heel on the slave. Mistress Whiplash does not hesitate and sits down on the slave's face.

Painful Wanking

What sounds like a big pleasure will turn into a nightmare in this clip. Domina Liza returns to her slave and she tells him that she is in the mood to let him have an orgasm. The slave is bound for hours and very happy to hear that, especially because Liza looks so stunning in her black jodhpurs and leather corset.

At Ezada's Mercy

This slave has been in that painful position for hours now and his muscles are already shaking, his body is sweating. The woman who did this to him returns to him, dressed in skin tight leather trousers, thigh high boots, a tight white blouse. Although his whole body is full of pain, his dick shows an immediate reaction.

Be Quiet!

A slave is caged deep down in the basement for hours now. He has no idea where he his, who brought him to this place and why he is here. His calls for help sound through the cold basement but there is nobody else.