Female Domination

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Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 6-8

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The victim receives more and more hard strokes with the cane from the stunning goddess. The Mistress stands above him in her skin tight shiny outfit and she brings down the cane again and again...

Then she takes off her jacket and gives you an awesome view on her sexy body... more femdom action with this sadistic femme fatale!

Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 4-5

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Goddess James has put her victim into a wooden retainer now, so he is totally helpless. With a sadistic smile she chooses one of her cane and now the night can really start. Hard strokes with the cane and a yelping and jumping slave. Great sound of the cruel punishment device and a breath taking and stunning but merciless Goddess Janet.

Mystery Castle: Goddess Janet - Part 1-3

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The mystery castle is a hidden place where spoiled girls make their sadistic dreams come true. They decoy their victims in exclusive bars and clubs with their sexy bodies and provocative clothes, promising stupid men hot nights.

In this movie you can see Goddess Janet entering the castle with a new victim, a horny man she poached in a night club. She teases him so much that he agrees to play some different games. So she blindfolds him and gives him hard face slaps. The stupid man already thinks that's just the foreplay for a hot night...

Agent One III - Part 5-6

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The pain test of the man continues. Both ladies whip his ass with whips until it burns in red colors. Then they change to cat'o'nine whips. Agent One starts to whip the helpless slave while Lady Caprice watch his reaction. Later she joins Madame Catarina and the slave gets hard strokes from both ladies.

While having a cigarette break the heartless ladies discuss her work and the slave's constitution. It seem's that he is still an interesting object for Lady Caprice but she wants to continue with the test. So, they choose very flexible canes and start a cruel caning on the man's ass. After a while Madame Catarina sits down on her desk just to watch Lady Caprice, who delivers a lot of hard strokes with the cane to the slave until he faints.

Agent One III - Part 3-4

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Back in Agent One's Salon the rich ladies are talking about the man, now only a number in Madame Catarina's stable. While smoking a cigarette Lady Caprice ask different questions about the training and the capabilities of the slave.

The slave crawls in and after some humiliation both ladies use him as a footstool. Lady Caprice talks about her party nights and so she also tries him as a human chair, which she will need at long parties. She doesn't stop to tell the slave all the cruel things awaiting him at her home.

Agent One III - Part 1-2

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Madame Catarina, known to the circle as Agent One, welcomes Lady Caprice, a rich and arrogant member of the circle, who wants to buy a new slave. Both ladies are smoking while talking about her luxury life. Madame Catarina starts her laptop so Lady Caprice can browse the current slave database. She does some pre-selections and then they walk down into the bunker where Agent One imprisons her victims.

Agent One II - Part 4-5

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The breaking of the victim continues with even more torture. After putting a leather mask over his head Agent One wraps a rope around his balls. The rope is attached to hook hanging down from the rack. With a cruel smile the Mistress lifts it up so the victim hangs on his own balls.

Not enough, Madame Catarina starts to hit the tortured balls with a riding crop while she sits on his face. Later she takes her glas of champain and leaves her victim in this painful position for the night...

Agent One II - Part 1-3

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Did you ever know that there is a secret circle of luxury ladies, who are bored of her normal life and so they abduct rich or important men, break them and make them slaves for her own delight? They call themselve agents and they build a network like a secret service. They are beautiful but ruthlessly, they are hot and they play a dangerous game for her own thrill...

It was a rainy night as Madame Catarina, known to the circle as Agent One, stops her car in a public place, faking a breakdown and asking another driver for help. This stupid man hasn't to be asked twice as he sees the stunning lady in her hot leather outfit. As he bens over the engine bonnet Madame Catarina numbs him with a special anesthetic and rushes with him into the night.

Introducing To Femdom - Part 7

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This is the last part of the story. The game continues, Madame Catarina chooses a riding crop and the cane... In the next round again Lea may hit the slave first and then Madame Catarina may beat him twice. She chooses the bullwhip and for the second run the cane. But before she starts, she changes the rules... extreme hard whipping and caning!