Female Domination

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Tickling The Boy - Part 1-3

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The very young Miss Leni and her boyfriend visit Madame Catarina. The boyfriend doesn't know that both ladies have a special plan for him. After some smalltalk they promise him a hot night if he agrees to their rules. The boy thinks that this will be really hot action with two beautiful women and so he agrees to put on a head mask and to get bound on hands and feet.

The Postman - Part 5-6

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A short hand over mouth just for fun in the beginning then Madame opens the foil bondage for her next game: OTK. The poor postman has to drop his pants and lay over Madame Catarina's knees for the punishment by naked and gloved hand.

The Postman - Part 3-4

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The torment for the poor postman continues with breath control by hand over mouth and a series of hard face slapping in leather gloves. Madames has an other idea to torture him. She puts clams on his nipples and plays with chain on it while she is press her very spiky metal heels into his balls. In the end a new series of breath control and face slapping with bar hands starts to break the victim...

Preparing The Punishment - Part 1-2

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Every evening the sadistic governess Madame Catarina checks the punishment books of her slaves. Day by day the same ritual: The mistress dresses herself in a stern outfit, wearing a skin tight skirt and a white blouse, completed by a very strict laced corset and high heeled leather boots.

The Mummified Victim - Part 5-6

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The slave, allready wrapped with the foil is now being chained with leather belt to the floor. Madame Catarina puts filled chocolate on his face, one directly on his mouth. With her boots she slowly squashes the pralines and forces the slave to lick the mess from her boots and suck her high heels clean... a very bizarre action!

The Mummified Victim - Part 3-4

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Madame Catarina starts to drill her spiked heel into the slaves nipples until he moans from pain. With sneering words the Mistress continues her work and does the same to his cock. She changes the pressure from a soft massage with the sole of her boots to a painful use of her heels.

But that was just the beginning: What follows is a mercyless trampling on his belly, breast AND his cock...

The Mummified Victim - Part 1-2

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Madame Catarina decides to play with one of her slaves who is arrested into a small cage. The arrogant Lady talks to him through the bars before she leads him out. The slave is then ordered to take his pants off and the cruel Mistress starts to wrap foil arround his body.

The Postman - Part 1-2

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In this movie the postman don't need to ring twice, once is enough to be overwhelmed by Madame Catarina and captured on a chair, tight in a foil. Back in a breathtaking leather catsuite Madame wants to wake up the victim by face slapping. She is opening the package and try some training boxing gloves on but at first she wants to test her own leather gloves...