Human Ashtrays

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Ashtray For Erotic Mistress

Mistress Athena, the cruel blond beauty, is in the cellar with on of her slave. She has dressed in skin tight latex. It's not a dress, it's something to drive males crazy, especially if worn with stockings in thigh high boots.

Athena looks so hot and sexy and that makes the slave even more helpless. He is already fixed in a pillory and it is for sure that the cruel lady will abuse him as a human ashtray now. While she smokes, she tells him that he is useless, that he talks to much and that his mouth is only usable as an ashtray. While she talks to him she continues to seduce him with her hot body. He is so helpless. He can't touch her and that arouses her. She blows the smoke in his face, she grabs his hair and pulls his head up and drops the next piece of ash on his tongue.

You will ove what you see because Athena's latex dress is short enough to see a part of her amazing ass. She knows that and she knows that this view will make you wish you where the slave in front of her.

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