Human Ashtrays

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Eat My Ash, Old Bastard!

Chanel hates old men but as slaves for the young lady they are perfect. "Come here, I want to smoke!", she says with an arrogant voice and an old slaves appears, kneeling down in front of the young but mean Mistress. Chanel looks so stunning in her tight and ultra short dress that shows of her perfect legs and breasts.

The slave has to light up her cigarette and of course he has to and he will serve her as a human ashtray. It' has been years ago since she used a usual ashtray. With an cold face she drops the hot ash on his tongue and makes him eating the ash.

From time to time she puts her foot on his breast, making him feel her ultra sharp stiletto heels. Everytime he hesitates to swallow she digs the thin heel against his breast and the pain will make him obey. This old bastard will do what she wants.

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