Human Ashtrays

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Smoking Hunteress

"Slave, fetch me a cigarette!", the Hunteress commands the slave and she pulls hard at the chain that is wrapped round his neck. The arrogant Mistress looks so stunning in her black vintage lingerie, the stockings and these long leather gloves. Her lips are painted so red.

Is that a lucky slave who is allowed to be so close to that goddess? Of course he is but on the other hand he has to serve as her human ashtray. Without any self-effacement she drops the hot ash on his tongue. Do you like to see red lipstick on the cigarette? You will see it in this clip.

From time to time she Hunteress pulls him closer, bends over and spits into his open mouth. She comes so close to him that he can smell her lipstick. This is the most erotic human ashtray scene we have ever filmed. With a very painful end.

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