Human Ashtrays

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The Leather Lady's Ashtray

This clip is for the lovers of arrogant women, who wear black leather business suits, stockings and boots. Women, who have long and sharp, red polished fingernails and red painted lips. Women, who use men as their slaves.

Lady Pascal is such a dominant business lady, dressed in black leather, that shows off her perfect body and legs. She doesn't wear shoes, she wears boots. Her long nails are like knifes. The slave in front of her, who is ordered to light up her cigarette, fears them a lot, for a good reason.

Pascal abuses him as her human ashtray and while she does that, she verbally humiliates him. She tells him what she will do later to him and it's so much fun to see how nervous he is. That, of course, arouses Pascal more and more...

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