Human Ashtrays

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Mephista's Ashtray

It's the fate of a slave that he is abused by his owner whenever and however she wants. Especially if he is the property of Lady Mephista, who is known as the devil with the friendly voice. In this case, a working slave will serve the arrogant woman as a human ashtray.

It's a nice summer day and Mephista's outfit is simply stunning. The skin tight leggings at her endless legs, overknee boots, a white blouse and this fantastic corset, that shows off her perfect body. With an arrogant behavior she makes her slave lighting up her cigarette. The poor boy is kneeling in front of her on the hard ground.

With a mean smile, Mephista starts dropping the hot ash into his mouth, her eyes behind dark sunglasses, that makes the distance between her and the slave even larger. He is not able to sneak a peek from her eyes. There are only cold glasses. But Mephista wants more power over him. He has to lay down on his back, so Mephista can sit above him and make him swallowing every little peace of her cigarette...

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