Human Ashtrays

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Ashtray Stable Slave

There is no visit at the riding club without humiliating or absuing one of the stable slaves. That seems to be the motto of the strict riding ladies Mistress Jessica and Mistress Nikki, who are feared by all the slaves.

Mistress Jessica has taken a seat already while Nikki leads one of the slaves out of the stables. He will do a special job in the next minutes: Being a human ashtray for Jessica. He is ordered to kneel down and to open his mouth wide. He does it not wide enough, so Nikki puts a spreader between his teeth and opens his mouth the hard way while Jessica laughts at him.

That's much better now and while the mean ladies talk and Jessica enjoys her cigarette, she can drop the ash into his mouth whenever she wants. No need to wait until he opens. And: He can not talk or beg to stop. He has to serve!

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