Human Ashtrays

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So Much Smoke

mistress akella is already sitting on a bar in the chamber. she orders her slave to crawl over on all fours and give her the leash. then he has to lighten up a cigarette for the goddess, while he have to kneel all the time.

the slave can be very happy today cuz he is allowed to look to akella very close. the bad thing for him is that he is not a smoker and akella wants to treat him with full loads of smoke from her cigarette. even also bad is that his mouth is constantly misused as a human ahstray all the time. this is even pretty disgusting for smokers, but for non smokers its a real torture. but who cares. when a goddess wants to play with a slave like this the slave has to accept everything and has to take everything as an honour. there are millions of slaves outthere who would be happy to get this treatment from a gorgeous goddess like mistress akella.

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