Boots & High Heels

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Forced To Clean Boots

here we have another phantastic clip with superbeautiful mistress lady mephista. she is dressed in a white blouse, a black corset, shiny leggings and leather high heel boots.

Hard Torture With Boots

today we have the next clip with german bitch lady chanel. she sits on a chair, his slave down on the ground and he is encaged by the chair so he cannot move a lot.

Lick My Leather Boots

"hi slave, are you ready to worship my boots" asked fully dressed in leather mistress ella kros her slave who is tied in a very incomfortable position with his legs fixed on the wall.

Life Is Not Easy

Domina Liza is ready for a ride, dressed in her skin tight leather trousers, knee high boots and a white blouse. Before she leaves the house she wants to make sure that her boots are spotless. She wants them absolute clean, of course, the stiletto heels and the spurs too.

Pay More, Uncle!

Do you remember Chanel's uncle who is addicted to his young niece and her way to wear stiletto high heels? It's a hot summer day, Chanel relaxes in a big chair as she gets a phone call from her uncle. He wants to whorship her high heels again. Chanel agrees but she reminds him to bring a lot of money.

The Young Landlady

Since Jenna's parents went to another house and left the young lady in her own mansion, the old butler has a hard life. Jenna grow up as a spoiled daughter, she was daddy's darling, and she became an arrogant, selfished and dominant youg lady.

Cruel Leather Training

Mistress Ella Kros doesn't need to beat the slave to make him suffer in pain. There are much more mean ways. Especially if she presents herself in such a stunning leather outfit in front of this leather fetishist. To see her dressed like this already makes him suffer because he know he may not touch her.

Bootlicker's Duty

"Ah, there he is!", Mistress Jessica says with a cruel smile as Mistress Nikki leads the bootlicker slave into the hall. Both ladies are dressed in skin tight and shiny leggings and stunning corsets. This slave should be very happy to be allowed to serve these beautiful ladies.

Rich Bitches' Toy

Everytime Lady Blackstone visits her friend Mistress Jenna, the house slave has a bad time. The busty ladies sit in the salon and enjoy a glas of champagne while the talk about the last days. And of course, like all rich bitches they talk about shoes.