Boots & High Heels

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Lick Slaves, Lick!

next clip with phantastic german pro dom domina charlize! she awaits her slaves in the smoking room, dressed in a hot catsuit and wearing personal superplateau boots with a big silver plateau soles.

Serving The Goddess

Lady Chanel is a goddess who must be worshipped and serverd every day around the clock, especially when she is dressed like today, in a short and shiny black dress that shows off her high erotic body.

Tortured With Boots And Clamps

here we have a new clip with phantastic german goddess empress victoria. she is dressed so hot and dominant with an elegant and expensive corset, a leather skirt and expensive high heel boots on her feet.

Worship The Ridinggoddess

we are in the dungeon where a slave is already encaged by cruel british pro dom mistress athena. this cage is really special, made full of metal the head of a slave can be positioned outside a cage so its ideal for a mistress to play with her victim.

Bootlicker Drill

we are in the dungeon of lady pascal, where 2 lousy slaves await her coming. as she does, she greets both 2 slaves who raising their heads. of course they are ordered at once to bow down their heads again!

Bootworship On The Throne

today we have another phantastic clip for our big fan community of beautiful strong women wearing leather and boots in command. we have gorgeous blonde goddess mistress akella today in the red throne room.

Bootworship In The Hall

countess stella comes down the chairs as this clip starts. dressed in a black shiny outfit with leather gloves her house slave awaits her already on all fours. "i want to go out.

Worship My Long Boots Slave

next clip today is for our fans of boot domination. starring beautiful blonde mistress akella she is wearing a white blouse, a red leather corset, shiny leather trousers and expensive long leather boots.