Boots & High Heels

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Lick My Pumps Spotless

today we have another phantastic clip starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. this is a classic femdom movie with her hold slave. pascal relaxes on her sofa a lil bit, drinking some coffee, reading in a magazine.

Worship My Overknees Slave

"so my slave, now i want you to lick my boots" this clip starts with hot goddess empress victoria. she wears a black blouse, gloves, white riding trousers and superexpensive black leather overknee boots.

Pure Arrogance

here is the next clip with gorgeous goddess black diamoond. she is looking superstunning with sun glasses, a white blouse, leather gloves, leather trousers and special expensive designer ankle boots. she relaxes with her smartphone in a comfortable seat in the garden as she orders her slave to crawl over to her.

Painful Motivation

A slave is cleaning the yard as the sound of sharp high heels comes closer and Lady Chanel appears, dressed in a skin tight and shiny dress, seamed stockings and high heels. "Oh Mistress, I am finished in a few seconds!", the old slave says, believing devoutly he did a good job.

Worship My Heels

this new clip starts with a very closeup view to the soles of goddess countess stella. and as we can see she often wears these heels cuz they are very very dirty under the soles.

Domination With Leatherboots

domina liza sits on the slave today who makes a comfortable chair for his mistress. the slave is ordered to kiss the tip of her riding crop. "kiss my boots" "thank you mistress. thank you" "thank you for what slave?" "for letting me kiss your boots mistress!"

Lick My Red Pumps Slave

lets go on today with a new clip of phantastic goddess mistress akella. she is dressed in black wonderful rubber sitting on a throne and on her gorgeous feet are red shiny high heel pumps in a classic style.

Worship The Boots Of The Bikerlady

today we start a new series with mistress cloe. we call this series "the bikerlady" cuz this is mistress cloes dress in this series. she wears a leather biker jacket, leather trousers and leather boots.

Lick My Pumps Clean

here we have a new clip with gorgeous godddess mistress ezada! she looks absolutely stunning with a tight black rubber dress, stockings and on her adorable feet are some shiny black red classic high heel pumps.

Worship My Stilettos Slave

here we have another clip starring beautiful goddess empress victoria. she orders one of her personal slave to crawl over to her and knee in front of her. the slave is nicely masked with a rubber mask and when he kneels in front of his goddess his masked face is a pretty good target for some slaps with her leather gloved hands.