Boots & High Heels

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Bootworship On The Throne

today we have another phantastic clip for our big fan community of beautiful strong women wearing leather and boots in command. we have gorgeous blonde goddess mistress akella today in the red throne room.

Bootworship In The Hall

countess stella comes down the chairs as this clip starts. dressed in a black shiny outfit with leather gloves her house slave awaits her already on all fours. "i want to go out.

Worship My Long Boots Slave

next clip today is for our fans of boot domination. starring beautiful blonde mistress akella she is wearing a white blouse, a red leather corset, shiny leather trousers and expensive long leather boots.

Domination With High Heels

next clip today we have with empress victoria! this rich and arrogant bitch was shopping and all the time her slave has to wait for her tied in front of the door.

Lick My Boots After Shopping

gorgeous german pro dom comes home after a shopping tour. she is dressed in casual clothings. on her feet are personal high heel black leather boots. she walks to the dog cave and gets out her slave dog out of the box.

Lick Our Heels Spotless

goddesses countess constance and lady dana coming home after a long extended shopping tour to their mansion. they drink some champagne and relax in big couches in the living room of their home.

Lick My Flower Heels

here we have the next clip with superhot pro dom ella kros. she looks absolutely stunning in a semi transparent lilac rubber outfit. on her adorable feet she wears personal flower peeptoepumps with metal heels.