Whipping & Caning

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2 Teacher Caning Their Pupils

next actionclip with our sadistic duo cassandra and nemesis! its a classic role play bdsm punishment clip. the pupils hans and egon did a fight in the pause in school. this is not tolerable, so both pupils are ordered to the punishment room of school. both teachers announces to their pupils that they are going to recieve now 30 strokes with the cane, bent over a chair, pants down on their naked ass. the strokes has to be count.

Caned On The Bench

Here we have another clip starring beautiful mistress cloe. she enters the playroom with her slave on a leash and place him on a punishment bench. she is dressed now in a supergorgeous looking corset, a leather skirt, long leather gloves and expensive leather boots.

Slave Comparision

next clip with gorgeous ladies mistress madita pain and mistress cloe. for today they have cruel ideas to treat their slaves. mistress cloe rings the bell to make the slaves crawl in.

Hard Whipping On The Cross

today we have a phantastic new clip starring gorgeous mistress empress victoria. she is dressed here with a stunning golden corset, leather trousers and classic high heel pumps. she is also already armed with a very wicked painful stockwhip.

Flogging In Latex

today we add the next phantastic clip with mistress nemesis and mistress cloe. both ladies are dressed in red and black latex looking superstunning.

Hard Whipping On The Cage

today we add the next clip of wonderful new mistress lady iveta. this time its time for a good dose of whipping. first she starts with a very painful stockwhip whipping the slave on his back and his ass.

Horrible Caning

If a slave was brought down to the special interrogation room and Lady Pascal is awaiting him dressed like this, he will have a very hard time. Pascal is dressed in skin tight leather trousers, she wears high heeled boots and her body is shaped by a black leather corset. Her short gloves shows off her long and sharp, red polished nails.

Sorry Is Never Good Enough

"what did you did slave, you were ordered to wash the windows and not to lurke around and watch into my room" gorgeous mistress akella starts as she catches one of her slaves outside. "you know what is going to happen, if you dont follow my orders! SORRY IS NEVER ENOUGH!"

A Cruel Interrogation

next new clip with mistress cloe is here today. the story: the prisoner is taken into the torture room by the warden. he is here today cuz illegal stuff was found in the prison and the warden wants to know who is guilty. this prisoner here was involved earlier in illegal stuff already so the warden thinks, that the prisoner knows who was the one that smuggles the illegal stuff into the prison.

Cane Education

we are back in slave school again here with gorgeous german pro dom mistress blackdiamoond. as this is the second part just a reminder for the first part as the pupils were ordered to worship her and lick her high heels clean.