Whipping & Caning

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A Lesson With The Cane

There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. Mademoiselle de S. is dressed completely in leather, she even wears black leather gloves.

Caned Hard By The Leatherlady

here we have the next clip with goddess mistress akella. she is awaiting her bad slave in the throne hall. the slave comes in in a cage on rolls and is let out: "you will be punished today" mistress akella says. the slave gave away some keys to a stranger, he is accused, but he says "i dont know mistress".

The Caning Therapy

we are again in the dungeon today with empress victoria and her 2 slaves. she starts speaking with one of them who is already prepared on the punishment bench with a straightjacket on: "well i heard about how hard it was for you earlier to give in that you are a spy. thats why you are here. we want to have more informations and even if medicine didnt help so far, i have some special methods to get all the informations i want. so tell me: who is your partner here in this prison? which who do you cooperate?" every question is followed by a hard vicios strokes of her rattan cane.

Brutal Punishment

Guardess Nemesis is just in the mood today to thrash the living daylights out today in this superhot new punishment femdom clip! as in the other clips of this shooting she looks absolutely superstunning in gorgeous outfits and styled by a professional hair/makeup-artist. in this clip she uses everything she can get in her sadistic fingers to beat her prisoners black and blue.

Caned By Mephista

This is one of the very rare caning clips with the stunning Lady Mephista. The cruel Mistress walks into the dungeon, deep down in the cellar of the Residenz Avalon, where nobody will hear the slaves scream.

Whipped Without Mercy

lady pascal rolls hin her slave in a cage as this new clip starts. he have been in there for a few hours. maybe he is happy now that his mistress releases him of the cage, but he dont know his new goddess lady pascal yet.

2 Slaves Caned Without Mercy

here we have another phantastic clip starring superhot pro dom domina charlize from germany/hamburg. looking superstunning in a black robe and with superplateau high heels!

Sadistic Guards

Its time for a hard double domination feature today starring cruel bitches lady faye and mistress cloe. the sadistic guards are just in the mood today to punish some of their pathetic slaves. so they lead in their victim into the torture room and order him down on all fours, head down.

Hard Caning In The Attic

today we have again a phantastic clip starring superstunning pro dom akella. as she enters her slave is already bound to a bed carrying already some marks from last punishments.

2 Slaves Punished And Tortured

here we have another phantastic clip with beautiful mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the bitches are in the mood to have some fun today with their house slaves.