Whipping & Caning

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Caned For Misbehavior

Mistress Akella, the head Mistress of the slave school, is waiting in a small room, dressed completely in skin tight leather, a thick cane in her hand. One of the students enters the room because he was told to come here. There are female students who complained that this horny boy touched them.

2 Slaves Whipped

domina charlize has some new whips. time to check them on their slaves. quite simple story, lots of pain for the slaves ahead.

The New Rules

This is the last part of the story about a mean young bride and her new old husband, who is turned into total slavery in the first night after the wedding. The cruel girl is sitting at the bar and she puts on a pair of expensive leather gloves. Her husband kneels in front of her, asking for a normal wedding night.

Flogged By 2 Bitches

our cruel mistresses lady constance and lady dana are in a very bad mood today. both dressed in sexy outfits they order their pathetic house buttler of their mansion to come over and get undressed.

Whipping The Sniffer

This slave was told to private Akella's private room for her return from the city. As he is finnished, he can't resist, he opens the drawer and starts sniffing Akella's underwear. So close to his Mistress he realises too late that Akella enters the room and so he is caught.

Immediate Caning

Will this stupid slave ever learn? He was told to polish Lady Pascal's expensive sports car but he is doing that without passion and he does a lot of jokes. So many canings seem to show no effort. Exactly as he rubbs his ass against the car, his female owner leaves the house.

Whipped In The Chamber

"come in you stupid idiot" says cruel well know german goddess countess stella as this clip starts. she sits on a sofa dangling nervously her high heels. "get my boots on slave" she says arrogantly to her masked slave.

Punishmentday In Block C

in our prison here its end of the week which means, that our inmates has to appear to the warden (do ya see the cool uniform outfit nemesis wears here?) with their punishment book, where all faults of last week are noticed by the wardens of the prison. she reads the entries and announces that those inmates will suffer today for that...

The Spiked Belt

After Mistress Akella has lifted up the slaves legs, she walks around her victim and asks with a soft voice: "Do you know what that is, slave?" She has the spiked belt in her leather gloved hand but the slave can't answer, he fears her too much.

A Lesson With The Cane

There is a new teacher in the slave school and she has a reputation to be a very strict teacher who loves to make use of the cane. As she enters the room, the slaves are already daunted by her style. Mademoiselle de S. is dressed completely in leather, she even wears black leather gloves.