Whipping & Caning

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Hang Em - Cane Em!

"now i punish you just for fun" is how this clip starts with beautiful and natural cruel bitch miss sarah. she has already prepared her slave in an unusual and painful position with his hanging in the air, his head to the ground.

The Caning Massage 1

today we start with another special double feature starring beautiful german pro dom lady pascal. she is dressed in leather and an old client appears dressed in a dressing gown.

Double Frustration Cropping

the house slaves of the mansion are relaxing on the couches of the smoking room in the mansion. they talk about their ladies in a matter where they should be VERY safe, that no one hears it.

Hourly Punishment

"well slave, its the hour for punishment, time came around so quickly, doesnt it?" beautiful british pro dom mistress whiplash says. she is equipped already with a sandhour and a rattan cane.

The Loser Will Be Sold

Lady Pascal has desiced to sell one of her older slaves to have a place for a younger one. As a sadistic woman who loves to whip, she wants to sell the weakest slave, of course. That's why she tell these two slaves that they are going to be whipped now and the loser of this cruel competition will be sold.

Caned Hard On The Rack

"i will show you that i can destroy a butt with my cane slave" famous mistress ezada says in the beginning of this clip. "i heard that you talked to another slave and say that i am a merciful lady. i will show you that i am not" and from the beginning she starts to bring the vicious rattan cane down on the ass of the slave with all power of her right arm with very very hard strokes.

The Cruel Wardens

These two wardens are really cruel bitches. As Faye and Cloe enter the cellar, deep down in an old bunker, they are dressed in skin tight trousers, too wide opened blouses and high heels. They know exactly about the effect of their style.

Testing Floggers And Whips

domina charlize is very pleased today. she has new floggers in her collection and new whips. so her 2 houseslaves are already ordered to present their bodies in the hall of the mansion.

Testing A New Slave

here we have another phantastic new clip with mistress akella. clip starts with a knocking on the door and a slave trader opens the door for mistress akella. she is very angry due to the calls of the trader on the day and want to know why he called her several times.

Punished For Blasphemy 2

today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he already gets his back whipped without mercy in part 1.