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Ashtray For The Bride

This night really changes the life of this old brave man but not the way he thought. His young bride turns out as an dominant, mean and arrogant Mistress. Chanel leaves no doubt who is in control from the moment as he signed the marriage contract..

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Endless Cruel Whipping - Part 1

Mistress Kassi is such a sneaky lady. One of her strongest slaves is changed with his hands up, another one has prepared her most painful bullwhips. It's for sure, this will end up in a very hard and long whipping. But first, Kassi sits down, dressed completely in black leather that shows off her perfect shape..

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Good Morning Caning

The same painful procedure every morning for this slave: A hard caning. 365 days a year, without any exceptions. What a poor boy and what a cruel lady..

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I Expect Perfection

A slave does his work at the Residenz Avalon, a place for dominant women, but he is being watched by a young and dangerous Mistress. Lady Mephista, dressed in a skin tight corset and overknee boots looks at him and it is for sure, she has something in her mind..

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